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Targa Wrest Point

Targa Wrest Point is unique for many reasons, but one of the most important is that it provides an
unparalleled opportunity to see some great motor sport action.

Whether it is from your front doorstep or the recommended spectator points around the course, everyone can take part in the excitement of Targa Wrest Point.

The action can be viewed from special spectator points recommended by the organisers for safety
and excellent view of the cars. Please ensure you read the spectator safety information before heading to a live Targa Stage.

Official spectator points are indicated on the stage maps found on the “Course” pages of the website. Some stages go into “lock down” – which means that no one can enter or leave the stage within the prescribed time;
please be sure to check when your stage closes and reopens.

Road Closure times are listed in the Road Closure Summary (below) and on the “Course” pages of the site. The maximum road closure time is four and a half hours.

Safe Watching!