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Targa 2009 Day 3

Today all 4 cars all took part in their first full wet stages with the first stages declared wet and followed
by a number of intermediate stages which proved to be extremely challenging.

There was a number of accidents including Jim Richards having his first accident in his 15 Targas he has competed

Adam and Dave had a small scare when they ran their car a little too light in an effort in catching the class leader,
they made an addition 1.05 today to bridge the gap to just 5.05 from the 10 minutes they started with.

At the end of the day the team had all cars washed by the make a wish team and then onto TargaFest which is a
street fair in the main street of Launceston where 10,000 people turned out to inspect the cars.

All three Mazda’s did not skip a beat all day with roadside servicing and refueling occuring twice during the day.

Team lotus had a great day also with them jumping to 12th outright which is an amazing performance for the car.