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Targa 2009 Day 5

After the off on day 4 Adam and Dave in team RedBack Racing car 1 started back with a shaky start for the morning.

As the weather dried and the team got back into a ryhthm they drove faster and faster. They worked through the rain and as the stages dried they got back on song and on pace.

By this time it was to late to win the race with other cars in the class. But with the end in sight it was great to roll into Hobart for the finish.

Congratulations to the two mx5’s of Kelly and Glynn won the class followed by the third Mx5 of Chris and Duncan in second making it a 1st 2nd and 3rd for the team. Congratulations to all the winners who finished the race.

The team have learnt a great deal about the cars and will come back next year with even greater pace and determination.