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Targa 2009 Day 4

Day four started off very wet, making the first 2 stages very tricky for some of the cars.

One of the team members did have an accident today, Adam and Dave unfortunately came off the road on the Gunns Plains stage after 2k’s. Thankfully the only damage was the radiator and some cosmetic damage to the rear of the car where it clipped a tree.

The service crews back tracked through the days stages to get back to the car to perform the repairs in Burnie. Adam and Dave were back up and running only missing two stages. Unfortunately this now prevents the guys from obtaining a Targa plate at the end of the event.

The other cars continued through the stages well but treading very carefully as the latter stages were hit with a downpour causing some other competitors to have accidents on the very last stage of the day.

Tomorrow is the final day heading to Hobart after repeating the Queenstown leg in reverse.