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Targa 2009 Day 1

The first full day started with plenty of enthusiasm from the drivers, the three MX5 teams all leaving the Silverdome at similar times with the Lotus an hour later on.

The first stages have long base times so are useful as a warm up before the tougher action progresses throughout the day.

All of the cars were running well throughout the morning stages, the temperature started to rise into double digits in the fresh Tasmanian sun and the cars began to progress throughout the field.

Lunch and servicing was held at Beaconsfield where we were then informed of the casualties of racing. Already two cars in the showroom class had already come off the tarmac and landed in a ditch with more to follow throughout the day.

After refuelling through lunch, news spread that two of the cars in Team Redback Racing had infringements during the morning stages.

Adam Spence had set a record… 127kph in a 40kph zone – a last minute change in the race commentary stating a bridge had became a little unsturdy and that all cars were to pass at no more than 40kph.

Chris Bowden also incurred the same penalty which became a massive blow to both of their category chances, a 10 minute time penalty thus relegating both to the bottom of the showroom class.

A lot of time to catch up but with majority of the race remaining. The remainder of the day passed with no issue for Team Redback Racing, Kelly Silverthorn (the Canadian contingent of the team) leading the way in the Modern class and Dean Evans driving the New Lotus Exige leading the pack finish and overall 27th.

Tomorrow brings a famous Targa Tasmania leg – ‘The Sidling’ where the race gets progressively more challenging.