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Australia's first legally registered and insured Supercharged MX5 is almost ready. An IM240 Emissions test was conducted on Monday 24 September 2012. The car passed on the first attempt. Brake test pending (early October 2012) and the certification … [Read more]

Targa 2009 Prologue

The first day of Targa 2009 was off to a cold start with freezing temperatures and snow on the nearby mountains. The action was going to heat up on the roads though and the team were itching to get out and drive. After getting start times the guys … [Read more]

Targa 2009 Day 1

The first full day started with plenty of enthusiasm from the drivers, the three MX5 teams all leaving the Silverdome at similar times with the Lotus an hour later on. The first stages have long base times so are useful as a warm up before the … [Read more]

Targa 2009 Day 2

Today the team all performed extremely well with Adam and Dave starting to claw back their 10 minute penalty from Chris Bowden and Duncan. The team from Canada are really impressing everybody with their pace, skill and commitment. Team lotus went … [Read more]

Targa 2009 Day 3

Today all 4 cars all took part in their first full wet stages with the first stages declared wet and followed by a number of intermediate stages which proved to be extremely challenging. There was a number of accidents including Jim Richards having … [Read more]

Targa 2009 Day 4

Day four started off very wet, making the first 2 stages very tricky for some of the cars. One of the team members did have an accident today, Adam and Dave unfortunately came off the road on the Gunns Plains stage after 2k's. Thankfully the only … [Read more]

Targa 2009 Day 5

After the off on day 4 Adam and Dave in team RedBack Racing car 1 started back with a shaky start for the morning. As the weather dried and the team got back into a ryhthm they drove faster and faster. They worked through the rain and as the stages … [Read more]

What People Are Saying…

"I've hired Targa cars and crews in New Zealand, Newfoundland, and now Tasmania. Redback Racing offers an exceptionally professional operation. The Miata (MX5) I drove at Tassie had less than 10,000 km. With its light weight, these cars handle well, … [Read more]

Eastern Creek

. . . Production Sports Car 1 Hour Endurance Event + MX5 Challenge . . . … [Read more]