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Mazda Roadster Coupe

In 2003/2004 Mazda Japan built a limited number of Roadster Coupes. All were hand finished at the Mazda R&E Department within the Hiroshima plant. Only 350 were slated to be produced over a 8 month period and these were made up of 150 1.6 versions and 200 1.8 versions. They were around AU$8000 dearer than the standard car when released. Had Mazda Australia sold them here it is thought the price tag would have been over AU$60,000. Nevertheless, these have already become highly collectable and will no doubt, increase in value in the years to come.

In May 2007 we applied to the Dept of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) in Canberra to have this added to the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS). After 18 months of “discussions, resubmissions and appeals” this model was finally included in October of 2008.

The next stage was to develop an evidence package that would satisfy the requirements of DOTARS and enable compliance approval. Unlike the previous Low Volume Scheme that gave blanket approval for a particular model, SEVS works on a car by car basis. This means evidence must be held by the RAW for each and every variant you wish to comply. By January 2010 we had finally completed the testing and collated all the evidence necessary for our DoTaRS submission. We then awaited DoTaRS completing an inspection at our premises of the “sample vehicle”. At this inspection the car and evidence is analysed and reviewed with EVERYTHING checked.

This inspection took place in March 2010 and the formal approval finalised in the following few weeks. At this point the Mazda Roadster Coupe was added to our compliance schedule. This enables them to be complianced and fitted with a used import plate allowing registration in any Australian State or Territory.

If you would like to be one of only a handful of people to own these cars in Australia dont hesitate and call us NOW!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many were made?

Mazda only made 187 of the eligible ones (1.8, 6 speed) so numbers are very limited.

How much are they in Japan?

As they dont get offered for sale very often in Japan there really is no “average” value. That said the Type A’s command a small premium over the Type E’s. Ive seen Type A’s having asking prices well over 2.5 Million yen AU$30,000 in Japan. By the time they get to Aust, are complied and offered for sale they would be north of AU$40k. Others would be around the $35k mark depending on the car, etc.

How much do they cost to comply?

$5000 + GST + tyres

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